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Training Barbers.
Creating Career Professionals.

The D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation partners with Larry’s Barber College to provide young people, veterans, and incarcerated individuals with the resources they need to achieve sustainable career success as a barber. We do this through curriculum-based training taught by accredited educators, financial support, career advisement, job placement, and community building.

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the student journey

The Path to Purpose Starts Here

Starting down the path to purpose with the D.A.T.A. Foundation looks different for each person, but each journey shares these fundamental milestones.

Seeking purpose

Each and every person craves a purpose, yet the opportunities to find purpose are limited for individuals that do not have access to the necessary resources. As a result, individuals often turn to something damaging and unsustainable, such as crime. We aim to give those who seek a purposeful life a better, safer, and more scalable option of pursuing a career as a barber.

Finding Purpose

At the D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation, students find meaning in more than just their trade. They find a community and a brighter future. We enable our students on their path with resources beyond financial aid. These resources include transportation, housing, food, career advisement, and job placement in barber shops across the nation.

Living Purposefully

When we say we build a lifetime of purpose, we mean that we create lasting opportunities and meaningful connections that are built to withstand life’s many ups and downs. The D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation aims to help its students create a legacy—one that will have a generational impact on their families and communities.

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Your Donation Has Lasting Power

When you donate, you are not just helping individuals. Your donation has the power to transform entire communities. By addressing issues like crime and poverty at their source through sustainable careers and a strong community, your donation will have lasting power. Become a part of the D.A.T.A. Community today.




Who We Are

Accredited Educators & Community Builders

Simply put, we are accredited educators and community builders. The D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation was originally founded to fund Larry’s Barber College, a program founded by Larry E Roberts Jr. to train and educate incarcerated individuals to Develop A Trade After prison. Currently, this trade is barbering, but we have plans to grow into more essential industries.

Larry e. roberts jr.
Founder & president

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