Our Well-Rounded Approach

How We Build the
Path to Purpose

Building a lifetime of purpose requires more than just financial support. When pursuing a career, you need social support, education, life skills, and a mindset shift. The D.A.T.A. Scholarship foundation brings each of these essential elements to our students through our comprehensive services and team of accredited professionals.

Essential Tools for Success

Services and Resources

Through life skill coaching, education, and financial support, we help our students achieve the mindset of a career professional and a lifetime of purpose.

Experienced and Empathetic Professionals

About Our Teachers and Advisors

The barber trade program provided through the D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation is taught by an accredited instructor who follows a curriculum-based learning model. In addition to being licensed teachers and barbers, the instructors working with D.A.T.A. are invested in the success of their students and the improvement of their communities, making their training more empathetic and all-encompassing than other trade programs.

The D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundations career and life advisors have the skills and experience to help students develop the skills they need to apply and sustain their careers. Our team also has the necessary professional connections to help students find job placement after their training is complete.

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