A Community of
Path Builders

Who We Are and
Why We Are

The D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation is made up of a community of path builders who are committed to creating lasting opportunities where previously none existed. We understand that building a path means much more than providing resources—it means empowering individuals to take themselves further and create a lifetime of purpose.

Our History

Where We Started

The D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation was originally founded with the purpose of helping to fund Larry’s Barber College, a program founded by Larry E Roberts Jr. to train and educate incarcerated individuals to become barbers. 

LBC has found much success in helping people find careers after prison, but Larry recognized that the D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation could have a much larger impact. His desire is to expand the foundation beyond barbering to serve more trades.

Our Mission Today

Where We Are

Today, the D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation has the mission to help individuals build a lifetime of purpose by giving them the resources they need to build a career and community. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to build themselves up, and we understand the obstacles that stand in their way.

In addition to serving incarcerated individuals, D.A.T.A. also seeks to support young people and veterans on their journeys to a more fulfilled future. This support includes giving people financial aid, transportation, housing, career placement, and other essential resources they need to complete career training and find sustainable employment as licensed barbers.

Our Vision for
the Future

Where We’re Going

The D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation strives to continuously improve the quality of life of individuals, their families, and our wider communities. That means addressing the root causes of crime and poverty, rather than the symptomatic issues that arise as a result. It also means growing into other trades so we can reach even more individuals and communities.

By building paths to lifelong purpose, we hope to make a real impact on communities by investing in the lives of individuals. When we do that, we see how those individuals share their success with their children, their family, and their friends and inspire them to follow their own purposeful paths. 

Join the Journey

You can become a path builder by joining the D.A.T.A. Scholarship Foundation community.